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AITRONIK is an innovative Italian start-up that supports companies in the development and integration of Artificial Intelligence systems for mechatronic applications.

We are located in Pisa, the Italian cradle of Robotics.

Have you ever felt the frustration of having a large amount of data produced by the sensors on board of your mechatronic systems available, without knowing how to use them?

Or the difficulty of developing the Machine Learning architecture to run on your multi-core hardware in real-time? Well, we're here for you.

Over the years, we have increasingly specialized in Machine Learning, in developing code on super-computing platforms for AI and Embedded System Real Time.

We have developed and integrated Artificial Intelligence systems for autonomous vehicles, human-machine interfaces and human-robot interactive systems.

Our passion, vision and knowledge gave birth to AITRONIK.

The new era of Artificial Intelligence has begun.

Are you ready for your next AI-driven system?

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We founded PITOM in 2011, with the dream of "giving life to robots" and supporting people in everyday life.

We began our adventure in Mobile Robotics in 2003 as university researchers at the University of Pisa. In 2007 we had the great opportunity to be part of the birth of technologies to develop Self-Driving Cars by participating in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge with Ohio State University (USA).

In 2011 we began the development of innovative Autopilot and Ground Control Station architectures, which we called piCORE and piMEGS ​​respectively, with the aim of creating customized “brain and intelligence” for autonomous robots.

We started as an R&D company, and we still are, but with a broader focus and greater growth opportunities. And because we have been able to specialize our technologies for land, air and marine robots, the architectures have grown over time and have been successfully customized on many types of unmanned vehicles, including self-driving cars, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, multi-rotors, autonomous boats, robotic lawnmowers, and also in specific applications in the railway and motorsport sectors.

We are a team of robotics specialists. A team of software developers. A team of engineers. But above all, we are a group of passionate people who love to make their dreams come true and, through Robotics, to make the lives of others better.

By following the links on this page you will discover some challenges we have faced. Every single business has helped develop and expand piCORE and piMEGS, as they are today. And for this, we want to thank all those who have contributed and who will contribute to increasing the challenge.

Welcome to the PITOM world. Welcome with ATR-Orbiter.

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